Episode 37: India Chance, RDH; MOMgienist Go-getter: Persistence is the Key

momgienists Jul 31, 2017

Christie and Jasmin were over the moon when they interviewed fellow Marylander India Chance. We loved talking with her and we are sure you will enjoy hearing her journey. Meet India Chance, RDH, BS!

India is a go-getter and forward thinker. Since the beginning of her career in dentistry, she had the drive, ambition, and passion to think outside of the box. Not only is India an exceptional clinician (the MOMgienists can attest to that), she is a passionate educator. She shares her incredible journey and pearls of wisdom she has learned along the way. She is an awesome homeschooling mom that has created a business focused on safety culture.

Check out her business and when you are in need for your OSHA update or CPR, Learn 2 Prevent is the place to go!


Topics we discuss:

  • How we met India, MD stand up!
  • India's career in dentistry
  • India reaching out of the op
  • Interviewing while pregnant
  • Working in Corporate
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: "out-of-the-box thinking"
  • "Board of...
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Think Beyond the Prophy: June Feature on RDH E-Village

Our Think Beyond the Prophy feature has moved to RDH e-village!!!!

Our June feature is Lisa Bahr, RDH, MEd. Thank you Lisa for allowing us to share your incredible professional journey!

Click HERE to read our June feature. 

Educationally yours,

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Episode 36: Marsha Hammond: Dhremo, Chemo Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

momgienists Jul 24, 2017

Jasmin attended a Cancer Survivor Celebration and didn't know that she was literally sitting two chairs away from an angel on earth. Meet Marsha Hammond!

Jasmin shed tears as she learned of her survivorship from Breast Cancer and her passion for sharing uplifting messages for patients currently enduring chemotherapy. Marsha is one of many mothers who face cancer with courage and bravery. She is sharing her love with those who are still fighting this battle by creating uplifting messages for children and adults undergoing chemotherapy.

It is evident that a strong and positive mindset is essential for dealing with trials such as illness. Hear this inspiring story and if it compels you, share this information or donate to Marsha's cause. 


Topics we discuss:

  • How Jasmin met Marsha
  • Marsha's Story
  • Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  • Being present in the moment
  • Handling motherhood and cancer diagnosis
  • Controlling your mindset
  • The making of Dhremo
  • Children's Pediatric Line
  • Where to...
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Episode 30: Melia Harris, RDH and Hygiene Edge the Guru's of RDH How-to-videos

momgienists Jul 19, 2017

The MOMgienists® Podcast got a chance to get to know 1/4 of Hygiene Edge. We just love Hygiene Edge! These women are so supportive of students and professional dental hygienists. We know firsthand and we can't thank them enough for the love they have shown us. They offer educational videos and products. If you want a refresher on the latest techniques or products, Hygiene Edge is the place to go! 

Get to know Melia Harris, RDH. She is so cool and down to earth. She is a passionate dental hygiene educator and MOMgienist®!


Topics we discuss:

  • Background how she became an RDH
  • Being an educator
  • Being a part of Hygiene Edge: Their Beginning and Their Why
  • Being a Clinical Instructor
  • Tips for MOMgienist®
  • Favorite things about being an educator
  • Having a preemie and baby in the NICU

Contact her here:
 [email protected]

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Featured book:
"Start With Why" by Simon Sineck


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Episode 35: Justine Hammerli, Helping Good people Do GREAT things

momgienists Jul 17, 2017

The MOMgienists had the privilege to interview Justine Hammerli. Jasmin first encountered Justine at a Millenial Summit in Philadelphia, PA. She was quickly taken by this amazing incredible woman that was speaking her language in creating deep lasting friendships among women. 

Justine dropped so many pearls of wisdom in this episode. She delves deep and you can easily see that she is a woman who believes in living her life based on her philosophy. She is a mom of multiple interests that created businesses that focus on truly making a lasting difference. Listen in for more insight!


Justine's Bio:

Justine Haemmerli is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and activist. Over the past ten years, she has worked as a career coach, educator, board president, community organizer, professional listener, and writer. Everything Justine does boils down to this: she is passionate about connecting and supporting those who strive to do good, and...

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Episode 34: Jennifer Frame, RDH, MOMgienist Young Dental Rockstar and Her Favorite Products

momgienists Jul 10, 2017

The MOMgienists get to speak with Jennifer Frame, RDH again. It was great having her back and learning about her role as a Young Dental Clinical Rep (YCR). 

Listen in to hear about her career and the specials Young Dental has. Be sure to check out their website to view the products we share.


Topics we discuss:

  • About Jennifer
  • Being a YCR and handling being a MOMgienist
  • The importance of networking and being a member of your professional association
  • What is Young Dental?
  • The merger of Young Dental and American Eagle Instruments
  • Being a Mom and handling her professional role
  • Jennifer's favorite Young Dental Products
  • Young Dental Specials for purchase: Vera Angle, Orbit Prophy Paste, and etc

Contact Jennifer here: [email protected] 

Find Young Dental here.

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Featured book:
The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton

Where to find MOMgienists:
Facebook: @MOMgienists

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Episode 33: MOMgienists Take Over AAPD Part II with Tooth Stars and The Brushies

momgienists Jul 07, 2017

This is a MOMgienists BONUS EPISODE!!!

The MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin take over the AAPD conference. Get to hear more about this event, our interview with the President and Co-Founder of New Realm Technology and The Brushies.

These products are MOMgienists® approved!!

Topics we discuss:

  • Christie and Jasmin at the AAPD
  • Representing Phocal
  • Mamas getting enough sleep
  • Being involved at the AAPD 
  • Interview with Jim Snaza, President and Co-Founder of New Realm Technology, Tooth Stars, NEW APP!!!, Affordable and AWESOME
  • Interview with Whitney and Qing, Rep for The Brushies and great product even for Dog Moms!

Find Tooth Star Here: Click HERE for the website
Jim Snaza, President and Co-Founder

Find The Brushies Here: On Amazon or Click HERE for the website
Whitney and Qing Reps for The Brushies

Podcast Sponsor:
Phocal sponsored this episode and for listeners will be giving away Two boxes of Phocal Disks. Check out our Facebook for details!

Audible, get...

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Episode 28: Crystal Spring RDH, MOMgienist® Advocate for Public Health and the Underserved

momgienists Jul 06, 2017

Crystal Spring, RDH is the 2017 ADHA Master Clinician Recipient. After hearing this episode you know why! She is a mom of two, compassionate RDH, and advocate for the underserved. 

Get to know this incredible MOMgienist®!

Topics we discuss:

  • Becoming an RDH
  • Public Healthcare and working on the Indian Reservation
  • What is a LAP license?
  • Being a recipient of an ADHA Wrigley grant
  • Becoming a member of the ADHA
  • Prioritizing time and work/life balance
  • Life coming full circle
  • Providing care to Seniors
  • Coming from a disadvantaged background and having cultural
  • sensitivity
  • Being sensitive to the mentally disabled
  • Future goals

Contact Crystal here: [email protected] 

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Featured book:

"Start With Why" by Simon Sineck

Where to find MOMgienists®:
Facebook: @MOMgienists
Instagram: @MOMgienists
Apple Podcast: @MOMgienistsPodcast
Google Play: @MOMgienistsPodcast


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Episode 32: MOMgienists Take on the AAPD Conference, Nicole Phillips, RDH Rockstar, and New Product Phocal

momgienists Jul 04, 2017

The MOMgienists® had the privilege to support Phocal at the AAPD Conference in Washington, DC at the Gaylord Convention Center.


Hear about this amazing product and meet the Director of National Project Manager Nicole Phillips, RDH, BSDH. Nicole is an amazing hygienist that supports the professional journeys of all hygienists. Get to know why she represents Phocal and why she and the company are set out to support our profession.

Topics we discuss:

  • Who is Nicole Phillips?
  • Phocal Supports RDHs
  • Phocal Ambassadors
  • RDHS can do anything they put their mind to
  • Supportive husbands
  • Nicole speaks to a DDS about the product
  • Tips and Strategies being a MOMgienist and a professional
  • Having Support at home
  • Lead YCR and being a professional
  • More Common Questions about Phocal

Contact Nicole here: [email protected] 

Find Phocal here: Click Here or order through your Benco Rep.

Podcast Sponsor:
Phocal sponsored this episode and for listeners will...

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Support, It's Important

momgienists Jun 29, 2017


I sit here waiting for my state dental hygiene business lunch to start. I'm a bit anxious because I'm going to be nominated as President Elect. This is way outside my box and my typical comfort zone. But it is also something that I am excited about as well. My family has been behind me without question from the moment I was presented with the idea. Not once have they questioned my decision or displayed any concern for their own wants/needs that they may feel will conflict. They know we will work  it through together for the best interest for us all. Without them beside me showing me support and encouragement, this may have been a dream or goal that I did not pursue. I'm also extremely blessed to have support for this journey outside of my family in the form of employers and professional colleagues. They all believe in this as much as I do, and sometimes believe in me more than I do myself. I encourage you, if you have a goal and you have the support, run with it as far...

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