Take Credit: MOMgienists Acknowledge Your Greatness

momgienists Mar 29, 2017


Why do we deny ourselves the opportunity to acknowledge our own hard work? For some odd reason we tend to downplay the effort we have put forth, to make it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal? That it didn’t take us as much time as it looks like it did, or should have? I have been doing this to myself lately, and I need to STOP.

Some days I work harder than others, sometimes those really hard days don’t result in as much forward momentum as I would like, but that does not give me a right to sabotage or discount my efforts. Lists help to keep me aware of all that I am doing throughout the day so that I do not neglect to applaud my own hard work. If I have a list to guide me throughout the day not only do I stay on task but I also can look back and see exactly what I have been doing that is resulting in so little, at the moment. Each email I send, every opportunity to network, every idea or thought that I jot down all accumulate and help to push the...

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Pursuing your MOMgienist Passion with Balance

momgienists Mar 22, 2017

I have been on a journey lately to really find out how I fit into the realm of the Dental Hygiene world. While I really have enjoyed the patient care that I have been able to provide for the past 6 years. I am really finding that I am loving seeking out other opportunities as well.

To catch you up quickly, I am part of a collaborative agreement in the state of South Dakota that will allow me to treat patients in a nursing facility, I am also writing a reoccurring article for DentistryIQ about that process. I am writing posts here for MOMgienists, starting a study club in my local community for dental hygienists, volunteering for educational sessions for the schools in my community, as well as other time consuming endeavors related to dental hygiene.

I was so frustrated by my work situation that when I transitioned to part time at another clinic, I felt like I really needed to search and seek out as many opportunities that were outside of clinical practice as I could! Slowly those...

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Episode 20: MOMgienists Preparing for College with Summit Scholars

momgienists Mar 09, 2017

Parenthood is an amazing journey that requires patience, planning, and humor! As parents, we work diligently to create awesome adults that will one day make a difference in the world. Whether you are an MOMgienist or DADgienist, we often think of our children's future with high hopes. What can we do now to plan for their college education? How can we prepare for the financial obligations of college? How can we assist our children in finding the right fit for their college education?

Jasmin had the privilege to interview the visionary behind Summit Scholars, President Priscilla O'Neill. Priscilla has successfully raised four beautiful children and is assisting families today on navigating the complexities of college planning. Listen to this awesome interview and start the dialog NOW on your children's future. 

Summit Scholars is a student-centered program that will empower your children in creating a future that all will be proud of.

Schedule a consultation and...

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Think Beyond the Prophy: Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association Part One

I am very excited to introduce you to Melanie and Veronica from the Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association. This blog feature will be a two part series this month!

Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association is lead by Melanie Bostic and Veronica Haile. Their passion for dental hygiene thrills me! Go check them out and support their efforts!

Meet Veronica Haile, RDH, MHSC, the Vice President of Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association!

Veronica received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Delaware and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in dental hygiene from Delaware Technical and Community College.  She went on to graduate with honors from Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree in health science and a concentration in education.  

She has been a practicing dental hygienist for over ten years. Previously, Veronica was a clinical dental hygiene instructor at Fortis College in Landover,...

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Bonus Episode 19: MOMgienists Experience with the ADHA

momgienists Mar 05, 2017

Hey Mamas!

Check out our bonus episode. It was recorded way back in the Fall of 2016. Listen to Christie and Jasmin discuss their experiences in the ADHA.

A few have contacted Jasmin to find out how she started her career trajectory that has led to entrepreneurship. It began with a small role volunteering with her state association.

Thank you to all of the leaders along the way of our journey who believed in our potential and have provided mentorship over the years. We are forever grateful!

Listen on to learn more!

NOTE: We understand this is only one small example of a hygienists' experience. Everyone will have their own unique experience. We know and understand there is room for improvement with the ADHA but find ways in which you can learn from it. You can learn, develop, and empower yourself to achieve all you hope for in your career as well as support all hygienists.

American Dental Hygienists Association

Where to find MOMgienists:
Facebook: @MOMgienists

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Episode 18: Emily Boge, RDH, An Instrument Creator, Fearless Leader, and All Around Cool MOMgienist

momgienists Feb 27, 2017

Christie and Jasmin had a blast getting to know Emily Boge, RDH, the creator of the American Eagle Instruments Boge 513 XP Technology, Department Chair of Hawkeye Community College, President of the Iowa Dental Hygienists' Association, CEO of Think Big Dental, and awesome Mom to two boys.

 She is a confident and fearless leader in our profession. Hear about her full circle moment with teaching at her alma mater, failures that led to achieving goals, what life is like in Iowa, and her awesome family.

Stay to the end to hear Emily and Jasmin spit some bars of hip-hop. 


This episode will feature a giveaway. Huge shout out to Emily Boge, Gracey Eagle, and American Eagle Instruments for sponsoring this giveaway and supporting all RDHs. We appreciate you!

Follow us on Facebook for the giveaway! Starts Monday, February 27, 2017, and ends Monday, March 6, 2017.


Where to find Emily:
Think Big Dental
Email Emily here: ...

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Episode 17: Melissa Obrotka, RDH, HuFriedy KOL, Innovator, and MOMgienist

momgienists Feb 21, 2017

Christie and Jasmin had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Obrotka, RDH. She is a Hu-Friedy KOL, Owner of RDH Innovations LLC, 2016 ADHA/HuFriedy Master Clinician Recipient, and an amazing MOMgienist.


Christie and Jasmin could not stop talking with Melissa. She is real, inspiring, and empowering for all MOMgienists who are reaching for the stars while maintaining their role as a Mom.

Melissa, Christie, and Jasmin got real quick! Motherhood is a blessing but also has its challenges. Reaching heights of excellence in our profession requires determination and support while achieving. These MOMgienists will have your back and will root you on! Don't get caught by the imposter syndrome!

Enjoy this great episode and forgive Jasmin for "clicking" her mouse! :)


Where to find Melissa: 
LinkedIn: Click here
Facebook: Click hereEmail: [email protected]
Recent articles: Hu-Friedy and Dental Implants

Where to find the MOMgienists:
Facebook: @MOMgienists

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MOMgienist Passion: Stay the Course

momgienists Feb 18, 2017


I remember the day that I graduated very clearly, surrounded by my classmates, professors, family and friends. As classmates we had spent at least 2 years together, laughing, crying, studying, learning, thinking, planning, dreaming. We all had our own ideas of what our profession would hold for us. We were all passionate about what we were going to accomplish, the lives we would touch, the differences that we would make.

Fast forward more than 6 years and I have again discovered that passion, the idea that I can make a difference, the knowledge that I will touch lives. It saddens me that, for a time, that passion was buried. Buried under the complacency of no longer studying day in and day out. Buried under stressful working environments that focus less and less on the value of care and individual treatment, and focus more and more on the money coming in. Buried under family and life in general. I am excited to say that I have that passion back, it is alive and well and...

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Episode 16: Carrie Ibbetson, RDH, Oral Health Coach, Rockstar Business Woman, and Momgienist

momgienists Feb 15, 2017

Christie and Jasmin always have fun with THE Carrie Ibbetson. Carrie is very much loved by the MOMgienists and is the entitled "soul sistah" of Jasmin. Listen in as the MOMgienists weigh in on our profession and the need for an oral health coach.

Carrie is a brilliant innovator in our field. She has nearly 20 years experience in the dental world. She has worked as a dental assistant, front office coordinator, and as a dental hygienist. Currently, she is a Young Dental Clinical Representative, Founder and CEO of Oral Health Coaching, and Host of the Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast. You can reach her in the link below. Join us in the pledge to keep each of ourselves accountable as we reach our goals while handling our responsibilities as MOMgienist. 

Where to find Carrie: Oral Health Coach and Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast

Where to find the MOMgienists:
Facebook: @MOMgienists
Instagram: @MOMgienists
SoundCloud: @MOMgienists
iTunes: @MOMgienists Podcast

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12:21am Trying to Sleep: Take 4

momgienists Feb 11, 2017

Each night when I go to sleep there are questions reeling in my head that every mom asks: “Did I give them enough attention today?”, “Was I short with them and should not have been?”,

“Did I turn towards him when he spoke to me when I was washing the dishes?”

Was I enough?

When I was the President of the Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association, I had one young child at home and was pregnant with my son. And people would ask…” Is it hard to leave your child when you have these meetings?” and “How can you stand to be away from your child?”

There was one day when my daughter Carter, who was 2 years old then, asked if I was going to a “dental hygienist meeting” and I told her I was. She asked me what exactly I did at those meetings (in her confident and bossy 2-year- old voice). I told her that I had to help people who could not afford to go to the dentist and help protect them from getting sick.


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