Friends in Floss: What's Your Story?

blog contributors May 25, 2016

"Friends in Floss will be a periodic segment in Beyond The Prophy's Blog that will feature hygienists and other professionals who think outside of the box and who hope to impact and empower others. Enjoy!" - Jasmin

I've seen the statement "Great brands are like great stories" - I don't agree.  Great brands ARE great stories.

Let's talk about one of my personal favorites, Under Armour...

Personally, I have always been into fitness and not so much into the brand of fitness clothing. I've owned different types and styles of sneakers, t-shirts, workout pants, etc. - but Under Armour has changed my viewpoint.

A quick stroll through the lobby at the UA headquarters leaves their story tattooed in one's mind.

Everything about UA represents the power and strength of the human body.  They don't have One or two Brand ambassadors; they don't even stick with one or two genres of sports.  They have representations of titan-like athletes from all genres of sports and...

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