Think Beyond the Prophy: Christie Lincoln, RDH

This month's February Think Beyond the Prophy feature is Christie Lincoln, RDH. February is children's dental health month. There is no better advocate for children than the dental hygienist and particularly the MOMgienist. Take some time to connect and get to know Christie, the owner of the blog Your Smiling Hygienist and co-host of the MOMgienists Podcast. 

She studied at Cape Cod Community College's dental hygiene program and  completed her degree in 2001. She has worked in private practice ever since and has loved every minute of clinical hygiene. Five years after hygiene school she began her journey as a MOMgienist.

One significant highlight of her career is working for a dentist that became more of a mentor than her employer. That dentist entrusted her with investigating and implementing the latest and greatest of dental hygiene.  Christie experienced governing her own dental hygiene practice within the confines of her mentor's business.  She...

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Think Beyond the Prophy: Creating A Dental Product

This installment of Think Beyond the Prophy features Alex Uruburo, BS. Alex is a dental assistant and has served in the U.S. Navy. Since his time in the service, Alex has worked in a private dental practice in Washington, D.C, earned his degree in Business Administration, and is the Founder of Edalu Products LLC. 

Coupled with his passion for innovation and his business savvy he created Edalu Products LLC. He has gained much value and excitement in manufacturing and distributing his own product. He hopes that dental professionals will make the Tapkin the standard of care in clinical practice.


One of the biggest highlights of his career is the invention of the Tapkin®.  The Tapkin is a patented disposable dental bib design with a strap and adhesive tab. It eliminates the need for reusable chains or messy disposable holders and reduces cross contamination.

How did Alex find the courage to explore this side of dentistry? How does he think beyond the prophy?...

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Think Beyond The Prophy: HYGIENE EDGE

This month's Think Beyond the Prophy feature are the creators of HYGIENE EDGE! These "hygienistas" have blown me away with their innovative approach to educating hygienists. They are the real deal and seek to serve all hygienists. I appreciate their positive nature and what they have to offer our profession. Read on and be inspired to Think Beyond the Prophy. So whose ready to be a "hygienista"?


We four dental hygienists (Shelley, Melia, Candi and Jessica) are founders of the company Hygiene Edge, LLC. We are not a consulting group, just dental hygienists wanting to see other hygienist be successful. In short, we create helpful videos for dental professionals that are availalbe on our SITE  or YouTube channel HERE.   We nicknamed ourselves “The Hygienistas” which is by definition is a dental hygienist who makes other dental hygienists better.

What does HYGIENE EDGE provide?

We demonstrate the basic and advanced skills of...

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Think Beyond the Prophy: August Feature on RDH E-Village Jennifer Hasch, RDH

For this installment of Think Beyond the Prophy, we are highlighting Jennifer Hasch, RDH, BS. Jennifer is an RDH on a mission for public health advocacy. She is a graduate from University of Louisville School of Dentistry, a public health dental hygienist at a federally qualified health center, and hygiene coordinator for an outreach charity clinic.

Click here to read more.


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Think Beyond the Prophy: July Feature on RDH E-Village-Shanice Miller, RDH, BS

Our July feature is Shanice Miller, RDH, BS! Are you ready to professionally retire?

Thank you Shanice for sharing your professional journey!

Click HERE for the July Feature!!

Educationally yours,
Jasmin Haley

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Think Beyond the Prophy: June Feature on RDH E-Village

Our Think Beyond the Prophy feature has moved to RDH e-village!!!!

Our June feature is Lisa Bahr, RDH, MEd. Thank you Lisa for allowing us to share your incredible professional journey!

Click HERE to read our June feature. 

Educationally yours,

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Think Beyond the Prophy: Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association Part One

I am very excited to introduce you to Melanie and Veronica from the Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association. This blog feature will be a two part series this month!

Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association is lead by Melanie Bostic and Veronica Haile. Their passion for dental hygiene thrills me! Go check them out and support their efforts!

Meet Veronica Haile, RDH, MHSC, the Vice President of Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association!

Veronica received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Delaware and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in dental hygiene from Delaware Technical and Community College.  She went on to graduate with honors from Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree in health science and a concentration in education.  

She has been a practicing dental hygienist for over ten years. Previously, Veronica was a clinical dental hygiene instructor at Fortis College in Landover,...

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Think Beyond the Prophy: Shavonne Healy, RDH, BSDH

Think Beyond the Prophy is kick starting 2017 with Shavonne Healy, RDH, BSDH!

I first met her at the ADHA CLL 2015 in Nashville where we both attended a focus group. We shared our opinions on latest research and how we could personally uplift our profession.

Fast forward to the Fall of 2015, I invited her to speak as a panelist for a panel discussion I organized for first and second year students. I was instantly blown away by the fire that resides in her. At that time, I was unsure on where I was going to take my career and what contribution I could make in our field. Shavonne's empowering motivational presentation awoke me! She has a gift of speech and is a talented writer. 

Get to know this mover and shaker! You will be inspired as much as I am. Would you like to meet her in person? She will be a panelist at the Think Beyond the Prophy: Redefining Your Career educational event. Click HERE to find out more information and register! Seats are limited!



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Think Beyond the Prophy: Stephanie Amey, RDHAP, BS

The think beyond the prophy feature began August 2016 and I have had so much fun connecting with amazing professionals all over our country. My mission was to inspire and empower the readers of my blog but I often find myself feeling the same way after communicating with these professionals.

Think beyond the prophy is so much more than getting outside of the operatory. Thinking beyond the prophy is taking an out-of-the-box approach with providing care whether that be as a clinician or seeking alternative forms of practice such as entrepreneurship, academia, corporate sales, or research.

In our careers, we will have several transitions or chapters in our lives. The first transition in our professional career is the successful completion of dental hygiene school. What a sign of relief! It was one of the hardest periods of our lives but we made it through. Throughout your career you may find that you will go through varied transitions but never forget to explore your fullest potential....

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Think Beyond the Prophy: PerioLinks

For National Dental Hygiene Month the think beyond the prophy feature is Kathyrn Gilliam, RDH, BA, the Founder and CEO of PerioLinks. Kathryn is a self-proclaimed CE junkie, that pursues many advanced courses as she possibly can each year. She is passionate about the early detection of head and neck cancers and caring for patients undergoing cancer treatment. She is a clinically practicing hygienist that also coaches teams and lectures internationally. She is a passionate hygienist that loves to mentor other dental hygienists and help them elevate their identities as health care providers.

She presents CE courses on the oral-systemic link in clinical practice, advancing the science of research, early detection of head and neck cancers, and providing adequate care to patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

What is your educational background and honors?

  • An honors graduate of the University of Texas Dental Branch
  • Undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska...
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