July's Are Made For Business Pivots

Time to kick butt for the remainder of the year!


Can you believe that half of the year has passed?


Have you fulfilled the goals you set forth for yourself at the beginning of the year? Are you on schedule or need to do a massive overhaul?


For me, you ask? July's Are Made For Business Pivots


This is a hard announcement to make but this is the LAST season of the Beyond the Prophy Podcast (we will end at episode 100) and the LAST Think Beyond the Prophy Conference….


For the last three years I have worked tirelessly on creating content (blogs, podcast, events). My motive was to reach the ambitious professional who was burnt out and lost all hope just like I was a few years ago. I wanted to remind her of her value, awesomeness, and give her the tools she needed to get back up on her feet. I wanted those tools to be easily accessible, affordable, and life-changing. I've been able to create just that with the Career Advancement Academy, my 1:1...

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In Times of Loss Re-center and Find What Matters

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

–Vicki Harrison


This month's blog feature was going to be all about our family mini-vacation and how incredible it was. It certainly was a special time that I spent with my husband, Dad, children, cousins, and Aunt. However, it is still undeniable how the sting of sickness and death can impact you.


Last week Friday on our way to our family retreat we received the devastating news that my husband's first cousin (they are the same age…  just tragic) fell asleep in death. We lost our cousin, children lost their father, a sister lost her brother, and a mother lost her son.


We decided we weren't going to back out of our trip because we were already too far gone. We opted to continue to take the time to rest and pause. Did it eliminate the knots in our bellies? No…but it...

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