July's Are Made For Business Pivots

Time to kick butt for the remainder of the year!


Can you believe that half of the year has passed?


Have you fulfilled the goals you set forth for yourself at the beginning of the year? Are you on schedule or need to do a massive overhaul?


For me, you ask? July's Are Made For Business Pivots


This is a hard announcement to make but this is the LAST season of the Beyond the Prophy Podcast (we will end at episode 100) and the LAST Think Beyond the Prophy Conference….


For the last three years I have worked tirelessly on creating content (blogs, podcast, events). My motive was to reach the ambitious professional who was burnt out and lost all hope just like I was a few years ago. I wanted to remind her of her value, awesomeness, and give her the tools she needed to get back up on her feet. I wanted those tools to be easily accessible, affordable, and life-changing. I've been able to create just that with the Career Advancement Academy, my 1:1 Coaching and our annual conference. I've used my time and investment in coaches to support other professionals who wanted and needed that same information to get to the next level.


My last coaching experience I invested well over $8k. When I first signed up for the coaching experience, I was so scared because it was the first time I had invested that large amount on shaping the direction of my business. In those 8 months+ of coaching, I've gained some amazing skills but also some clarity on what's working for me and what's not. Some of the changes that you will see in the next few months are a result of that.


For a long while, I've supported Beyond the Prophy with my own personal resources, time and energy. Can you imagine building this empire with only one person behind the keyboard?


(CHIIIIIILLLLLLEEEE!!! aka Child for my folks not use to southern slang). I've hired and terminated assistants and recently let go of my entire team with the exception of my Social Media curator. My mood right now: "I don't have time for games". I came to slay, queens!


I'm in a huge transition in my life and business. I'm returning to being a minimalist AND ready to spread my wings further than I've reached with Beyond the Prophy. Some items will remain the same, like the Career Advancement Academy, I will keep those doors open because I believe in our community and the faculty who make it. But my focus will no longer be entirely on the dental hygiene professional. Don't worry, you will still have access to the amazing Beyond the Prophy Podcast episodes, this community and blog content. I will still reach out and share my message in impromptu webinars and etc. But I will no longer focus solely on the dental professionals needs. Why? Because y'all got this! My vision and mission is larger than dentistry (my square peg can't fit in this circle) and as scared as I am to venture out in unchartered waters… I was made for this!


I'm more than a dental hygienist. I am more than a dental professional. I'm a friggin rockstar educator/speaker, I'm a ninja with technology and I've got mad skillz when it comes to strategizing with business/careers. So look out 2020!! I hope y'all ready! There will be some awesome changes that any ambitious professional woman can benefit from!


Use the code: BTPFAMILY to save $200 off our last Think Beyond the Prophy Conference register HEREWe will not disappoint!! We are pulling all stops out for y'all!!


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