Help Me! I'm Being Audited!

Updated 2/11/2019: We received an update by a CE expert extraordinaire. This blog post reflects their information.

This was the message I received for the first time from a previous attendee of our continuing education (CE) events. Little did they know their frantic message sent me in a panic. Why? Because their message implied that Beyond the Prophy was at fault for their audit and all I could think of was this attendee could potentially try to take me "down" and blame me for something I have no control of.


So I said to myself, wait a minute, Jas! Hold up and pump the brakes! Did Beyond the Prophy do anything wrong?....No! However, my concern over this customer's perception was still troubling. So I thought? If one attendee didn't understand the formality of a state board audit or acceptance of credits there has to be more hygienists out there who at one time or another felt confused. So this week's blog is all about CE accreditation organizations vs. the state dental...

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