Collaboration Leads to Extraordinary Things

Collaboration is defined as "the action of working with someone to produce or create something."

It seems that 2019 is the year of collaboration!

Collaborating with other professionals whether it be by means of exchanging ideas, sharing resources, or partnering together to host a live CE event (our ITFS 2019 was amazing!), something extraordinary always occurs when you have found the right fit.

I used to be afraid of collaborating. At the time, my limited mindset made me believe the narrative that it wouldn't be as fruitful if you work with a partner…."I would be slowed down" OR they will steal all of your ideas. Granted, I've had my fair share of not-so-nice collaborations that were really wrong from the start plus I ignored the signs. Whose fault was that? Mine!

I've been on this journey relatively on my own because frankly I couldn't afford to bring on a massive team. Thankfully, I've found ways to work around that. I've had colleagues gracious enough to share...

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