My Beloved Women's Retreat Is Cancelled. It Made Me Sick To My Stomach....

My beloved women's retreat is cancelled. It made me sick to my stomach to come to that conclusion. I've lost about 4k in initial investment of booking the house, a photographer, advertising, coaching, and etc.


You know what came to my mind?


"Jasmin you are a complete failure…people aren't going to take you seriously because you set up something that was so spectacular and not one person committed to the experience."


"Jasmin, you are wasting your time trying to impact the industry, who do you think you are, everyone knows you’re a fraud."


Y'all this is what I truly struggle with from time to time…


If this is my truth, I know for sure I am not alone. If this is what I deal with when trying to make an impact, having courage to go after my goals, and to open myself up to the world…I know I am not alone.


With growth, innovation, and new ideas, comes the inevitable….




You all are familiar...

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