My Beloved Women's Retreat Is Cancelled. It Made Me Sick To My Stomach....

My beloved women's retreat is cancelled. It made me sick to my stomach to come to that conclusion. I've lost about 4k in initial investment of booking the house, a photographer, advertising, coaching, and etc.


You know what came to my mind?


"Jasmin you are a complete failure…people aren't going to take you seriously because you set up something that was so spectacular and not one person committed to the experience."


"Jasmin, you are wasting your time trying to impact the industry, who do you think you are, everyone knows you’re a fraud."


Y'all this is what I truly struggle with from time to time…


If this is my truth, I know for sure I am not alone. If this is what I deal with when trying to make an impact, having courage to go after my goals, and to open myself up to the world…I know I am not alone.


With growth, innovation, and new ideas, comes the inevitable….




You all are familiar with the concept of growth never happening unless you are outside of your comfort zone. How true that is!!! Well, can someone please tell me when does it ever let up? Right??!! Some days it just sucks!


My initial feelings when deciding to cancel the retreat was instantly  feeling like a loser (as stated above). However, I quickly readjusted myself.




That kind of thinking gets you nowhere!


When I dig deep into my Jasmin vault of excellence (::smile::), I have found some incredible experiences that have certainly proved that "I'm that chick". That's right! I've been through worst challenges, disappointments, toxic environments, financial hardships, childhood traumas, and in every instance God has blessed me to keep pushing forward.


As dental professionals, we go to our place of employment every day, handle our work-related tasks, support our family obligations, and maybe…just maybe…we have maintained our own identity.   We often forget to take care of the most important person…YOU!


Last week's straight talk was all about having a growth mindset. We must acquire a growth mindset because life is REAL! Life gets HARD! We get TIRED! And the biggest weapon we have in our survival is our mindset.


When we forget our greatness…


When we are pouring from an empty cup…


Our personal and professional life will suffer.


What is the final outcome of the women's retreat? It's turned into a Haley Mini-getaway! We kept the photographer and we are going to take our 2019 family photos on the beach (I can't wait to share the photos with you all). My favorite place on the planet (I instantly feel closer to God when I am on the beach), surrounded by the greatest love I've known on this earth, my husband, Clarence, and my daughters, the Princess P's. Lesson learned: growth and beauty is found in everything. I will organize another retreat and I've learned what I need to do differently for the future.


When you are feeling down, when you are feeling like a failure….


I want you to repeat after me with your hand over your heart…


I matter. I am enough. I am brave. I have courage. My goals and purpose in life have been divinely ordered. I am fully able to accomplish all that has been set in my heart. I am deserving of all that life has to give. I am thankful for all that I have been given.


Keep pushing forward BTP family. I'm sending all of my love to each and every one of you. You have been a blessing to have in my life as I navigate this crazy thing called life.





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