National Dental Hygiene Month 2016 is almost over!


Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

I am loving all of the hygienists that I am connecting with through this blog.

You give me the boost of energy to continue to work towards my goals. I hope that you find the RDH features equally inspirational and motivating in your professional journey! Always strive to think beyond the prophy! We are fully capable of accomplishing our goals with the courage and bravery it took to finish our dental hygiene education!

Colleagues, let me know what you like about the blog, what you would like to see more of, and what you would like to see less. I want to provide content that you can enjoy!

Thanks for subscribing and following my page. I've got some big projects that I'm working on and I can't wait to share!

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Think Beyond the Prophy: PerioLinks

For National Dental Hygiene Month the think beyond the prophy feature is Kathyrn Gilliam, RDH, BA, the Founder and CEO of PerioLinks. Kathryn is a self-proclaimed CE junkie, that pursues many advanced courses as she possibly can each year. She is passionate about the early detection of head and neck cancers and caring for patients undergoing cancer treatment. She is a clinically practicing hygienist that also coaches teams and lectures internationally. She is a passionate hygienist that loves to mentor other dental hygienists and help them elevate their identities as health care providers.

She presents CE courses on the oral-systemic link in clinical practice, advancing the science of research, early detection of head and neck cancers, and providing adequate care to patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

What is your educational background and honors?

  • An honors graduate of the University of Texas Dental Branch
  • Undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska...
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Are you investing in your dreams?

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2016

I read this empowering message on a dental hygiene forum that moved me in so many ways.

Read the message below:

"After talking with another hygienist this week, I realized that for over 20 years I have been working extremely hard to build someone else's dreams. Not only have I been the hygienist, I have been the consultant, the motivator, the person who brain storms and offers suggestions on increasing new patients and how to retain those patients. I have lifted the doctor up when numbers were down and counseled fellow employees. I have lost sleep when things at the office were not going well. All of this I have done without asking for anything in return. Then when I leave that office, I have nothing to show for all of that hard work!

I believe that the vast majority of hygienists are people that give freely to others because we naturally love people and want to help. I think we need to be careful not get so involved in building someone else's dream that we forget to build...

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Think Beyond The Prophy: Carrie Ibbetson, RDH

It's another day at the office and you have 8-12 patients scheduled for the day. Most patients are routine and require D1110 prophylaxis. However, without fail you see several "bloody prophies". There has been minimal improvement in homecare and you don't have the extensive time necessary to provide one-on-one feedback on their homecare regimen. Imagine if you could refer them to an oral health coach that can virtually assist these patients who struggle with their homecare. Through these virtual services the patient has the opportunity to be coached for 21 days, have access to oral health aids for purchase, and improve their oral health in the interim of their next recare appointment.

Well look no further!! This program exists!

I am so excited to feature my second Think Beyond The Prophy RDH entrepreneur! As dental hygienists, we need the encouragement and the inspiration to create our own paths in our professional career. I hope you draw inspiration from our next...

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Book Review: Put In Work: Gain Respect, Influence Others, and Get Results as a New Leader

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2016

I met Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana a few years ago and felt an instant connection.  She is a millennial entrepreneur that has made fearless strides in the world of speaking, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Her energy and excitement for life is contagious! When I found out from a mutual friend that she had written a book, I knew I had to support this fellow Mom, wife, and serial entrepreneur.

Her book is entitled: "Put in Work: Gain Respect, Influence Others, and Get Results as a New Leader". It is NOT for the faint of heart nor is it for the reader that wants a pat on the back. It requires you to  honestly reflect on yourself and consider the intentions you are setting for your professional career or leadership journey.

Leadership is no longer a solo mission. You will learn the value of of teamwork and accountability. As a wife or mother, the layers of leadership become even more complex. She addresses all of that with wit, humor, and a few vulnerable...

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Welcome to Our Page!

momgienists Aug 27, 2016

This pretty much sums up our friendship! We are too hygienist that love our profession. We also love our our families and the friendship we have cultivated over the last 9 years. Join us on this fun adventure as we share our regular conversations about everything but the kitchen sink! Check out our first video at 

We will catch you later!

Christie and Jasmin

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Think Beyond The Prophy: StudentRDH

RDH Under One Roof was amazing. I have so much to share about the event. One of the highlights of my time was meeting other RDH entrepreneurs. There is so much inspiration out there!

I met an inspiring woman, Founder and CEO of StudentRDH, Claire. I first met her virtually through Instagram. I can't say it enough how important it is to surround yourself with positive, like-minded, and supportive individuals. Claire is just that! I was looking forward to meeting her and visiting her booth at RDH Under One Roof. I was not disappointed! The product that she offers is AWESOME!!! She has put a ton of work into it! Get to know this RDH entrepreneur and find out how she thinks beyond the prophy.

What is Claire's current position?

  • Founder and CEO of StudentRDH, a review solution for the National Dental Hygiene Board Exams, Local Anesthesia Board exams and CSCE.
  • Speaker in topics related to student success on the boards and their professional career. 

What is her passion?

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Friends in Floss: A Full Circle Moment

rdh events Jul 11, 2016

American philosopher John Dewey is quoted saying “we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflection on experience”.  Reflection gives us the opportunity to find transformational meaning in any of life’s experiences. It could be looking back at an event that happened years ago or perhaps looking back on someone else’s life to discover meaning or purpose beneficial to you.  Reflection is taken the time to slow down in this obnoxiously fast paced world to give serious thought to a momentous happening. If you’re anything like me then your process of reflection can take days, weeks or even months.

American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) annual session adjourned a month ago and here I am still processing all that took place. The principle behind annual session is much bigger than what there is to see on the exhibit floor.  The majority of attendees go to be surrounded by like-minded people and to be part of an...

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Garlic Bread, Bacon, or A Slice Of Greatness


Your Attitude, not your Aptitude, determines your Altitude. - Zig Ziglar

Five months ago, I could not have told you that I would be an entrepreneur. Or that I would be working towards my dreams with courageousness and hunger. Confidence is integral to achieving your goals. If you don't believe in yourself and convince yourself EVERY DAY that you can accomplish your goals…your personal doubt will defeat you! My friend asked me a few months ago: "How are you so sure? How are you confident in knowing what you want?." My response: "I don't know everything but I am confident and have faith that I will figure it out!!"

Five months ago, my future career plans were headed in another direction until I met Elijah Desmond in Chicago at the Governance of Tomorrow Project meeting with the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA). After a long day of working we all had dinner together as a group. Later that evening, it was by chance that I had the...

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Recap: ADHA 2016 93rd Annual Session and CLL

rdh events Jun 24, 2016

It’s been two weeks and I am still charged after attending the 93rd Annual Session and Center for Lifelong Learning of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA). This is my fourth time attending. I share the sentiments of many of my colleagues, "It gets better and better every year." This year’s CLL was located in the city of bridges, Pittsburgh, PA. The architecture and city location was absolutely breathtaking!!! We were in a prime location with easy walks to great restaurants and activities. The Penguins won during our stay! You could hear the cheers and celebrations all throughout the streets. Pittsburgh is one live city!

My highlights:

  1. Reconnecting with friends and meeting new colleagues.
  2. Being a part of the new Networking & Hot Topics discussion and Governance of Tomorrow Mega Issues Discussion.
  3. Attending my first national House of Delegates.

My first event was the IOH Presidential reception. It was a great way to kick of the 5 days I would be in...

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