Episode 36: Marsha Hammond: Dhremo, Chemo Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

momgienists Jul 24, 2017

Jasmin attended a Cancer Survivor Celebration and didn't know that she was literally sitting two chairs away from an angel on earth. Meet Marsha Hammond!

Jasmin shed tears as she learned of her survivorship from Breast Cancer and her passion for sharing uplifting messages for patients currently enduring chemotherapy. Marsha is one of many mothers who face cancer with courage and bravery. She is sharing her love with those who are still fighting this battle by creating uplifting messages for children and adults undergoing chemotherapy.

It is evident that a strong and positive mindset is essential for dealing with trials such as illness. Hear this inspiring story and if it compels you, share this information or donate to Marsha's cause. 


Topics we discuss:

  • How Jasmin met Marsha
  • Marsha's Story
  • Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
  • Being present in the moment
  • Handling motherhood and cancer diagnosis
  • Controlling your mindset
  • The making of Dhremo
  • Children's Pediatric Line
  • Where to find Dhremo
  • Proceeds go to Cancer organizations and Free Dhremo Days
  • Donate to Dhremo

Contact Marsha here: [email protected] 

Find Dhremo here.

Find Dhremo for children here.

Dhremo (MOMgienists approved!) Order here.

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