Episode 37: India Chance, RDH; MOMgienist Go-getter: Persistence is the Key

momgienists Jul 31, 2017

Christie and Jasmin were over the moon when they interviewed fellow Marylander India Chance. We loved talking with her and we are sure you will enjoy hearing her journey. Meet India Chance, RDH, BS!

India is a go-getter and forward thinker. Since the beginning of her career in dentistry, she had the drive, ambition, and passion to think outside of the box. Not only is India an exceptional clinician (the MOMgienists can attest to that), she is a passionate educator. She shares her incredible journey and pearls of wisdom she has learned along the way. She is an awesome homeschooling mom that has created a business focused on safety culture.

Check out her business and when you are in need for your OSHA update or CPR, Learn 2 Prevent is the place to go!


Topics we discuss:

  • How we met India, MD stand up!
  • India's career in dentistry
  • India reaching out of the op
  • Interviewing while pregnant
  • Working in Corporate
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: "out-of-the-box thinking"
  • "Board of Directors"/Mentoring
  • Work-Life Balance
  • The start of Learn 2 Prevent

Contact India here: [email protected] 

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