Podcast Episode 11: Satisfy Your RDH Wanderlust with Kate Crouse and Amber Westfall, RDH of Team Placement

#thinkbeyondtheprophy Nov 29, 2017



Have you heard of a travel nurse? Did you know that a travel RDH program exists? Meet Kate Crouse the Dental Travel Coordinator at Team Placement and Amber Westfall, RDH, a current RDH in the travel program.

It was awesome getting to know Kate and Amber. We hit it off right away and the program they offer is one not to be missed!! Educators and RDHs share this episode with anyone you know!

Listen in to hear about this innovative program and how you could possibly participate if you are ready to expand your clinical practice.


Topics we discuss:

  • Meeting Team Placement
  • How Team Placement started
  • How the Travel program has grown
  • The right RDH characteristics for this program
  • Qualifications needed to apply
  • Qualities of a traveling RDH
  • How many RDHs in this proram?
  • How many RDHs are they looking for?
  • The length of the program and terms.
  • Full housing and board for candidates who are accepted!
  • Maintaining career satisfaction with a program like this
  • Meet Amber: Current travel RDH in the program
  • Who is Amber?
  • Why she chose Team placement
  • Advice for RDHs interested in the program
  • Finding permanent positions with team placement
  • Some of our favorites shared 


Contact Kate here: [email protected]

Link to Team Placement Website: Click HERE

Link to the Team Placement Travel Program: CLICK HERE

Featured book:
Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist


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