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momgienists May 23, 2017

Know your worth.

Do not underestimate yourself, your knowledge, or your abilities. And don’t you let anyone else control those feelings of self worth.

Relationships are everywhere. Parents to children, husband to wife, parent to teacher, self to employer, friend to friend. Each one of these relationships need to be built and grow on a solid foundation of respect, trust, and admiration.

What happens when that foundation becomes unbalanced? One side of that relationship becomes jealous, bitter, angry and they pour that out in many ways. The other side of that relationship becomes silent, accommodating, and weary as they soak in all the negativity thrown at them. This type of relationship is abusive, it is bullying, it is wrong. As hard as it seems that it may be to walk away, please do so. You deserve so much more. You deserve to be somewhere where you are appreciated, respected, admired, trusted, encouraged, and celebrated.

You deserve to be heard when you speak. You deserve honest answers, fair treatment, and you should be trusted. Some of you reading this may see this type of situation in your personal life, some may see it in your work life, some may see this situation happening with a friend.

Encourage change, although it may be hard to make the decision, and then it may be even harder to act on that decision. Know that the feelings of freedom and happiness are waiting for you. Feelings of self confidence, courage, strength and purpose. You are worth it, your happiness is worth it.

Stop wasting your time and energy on those that do not appreciate or respect you. KNOW YOUR WORTH.


About the Author: 

Amy Ericks, RDH, BSDH

Hello, Amy here, fellow mom and hygienist. I have an amazing family that supports me in all my adventures. I’m a wife of 13 years, a mom of 10 years plus 4 years (because let’s face it, each child is different and my parenting for the first doesn’t work for the second, so I add them together for collective parenting experience!), hygienist for 6, dental field for 11. We make our home in South Dakota where we enjoy camping, hunting, 4-wheeling, going to the park, walking the dogs, soaking up the sun. The rest of the year I grudgingly wear layers to shovel the driveway and stare out the window dreaming of summer! I currently practice clinically part time, am starting a preventive dental hygiene care service in a local long term care facility (read about my adventures here at DentistryIQ), and parent the rest of the time. I hope to inspire, encourage, entertain, and help grow people through any of my insights. I look forward to letting you peek inside my days. Reach me at [email protected] .

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