Episode 63: Mind Body Connection: Stress Reduction Techniques for Overall Well-being with Jackie Foskett, RDH

The biological reaction to stress is a necessary system to keep us protected. It is when this system is continuously on that you can present with permanent biological changes that could manifest as chronic disease.

Jackie Foskett, RDH, has made it her life's mission to help patients and the community learn ways to control their thinking and practice techniques to improve their overall well-being. Listen in to learn about her journey and her passion.

Note: This is an older episode before our new equipment! Please forgive our sound quality :).


This episode will cover:

Stress and Anxiety

Creative Visualization

Working in Switzerland

Doing the inner work

The power of the mind

Introduction of relaxation methods in the dental chair

Being mindful of our levels of stress

Breathing Techniques

Her why behind the Stress Tool Kit

Living a thriving life 

Featured book:

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowiscz


Stress Relief Tool Kit: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves by Jackie Foskett, RDH

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Beyond the Prophy LLC, www.beyondtheprophy.com 

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