It's just the beginning....

in the beginning Apr 14, 2016

...of something amazing!


I am so excited to launch Beyond The Prophy LLC. I hope you take the time to navigate my website and find out exactly why Beyond The Prophy is necessary for the transformation of dental hygiene.

If we, as oral health specialist cannot think beyond the prophy, outside the operatory and above the norm, then we will be destined for mediocracy. It is in that mediocracy that we lose our passion, motivation and drive to pursue all of our wildest dreams or goals.

Upon graduation, we took an oath to provide safe and effective care. Somewhere down the line there was a disconnect for thinking outside of the parameters we were taught in dental hygiene school. Or even a forbidden territory to think out of the limits of traditional dental hygiene education.

Beyond The Prophy will work consistently towards excellence. I hope to educate dental professionals, non-dental professionals, collaborate with rock star hygienists, connect with the hygiene community to collectively work towards a better tomorrow for the public's total health.

Come along on this uncharted journey. Let's have a great time while improving the public's health, empowering dental hygienists and strengthening allied health professionals in interdisciplinary care to always go beyond the prophy.

You can look forward to guest bloggers, interviews and discussions on topics that vary from motivation, ethics, public health, career advancement and clinical techniques.

Thank you for visiting.

Always look to provide opportunities for Leading. Connecting. Educating.



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