Episode 47: Look Into The Mirror and Look For What You Love with Jamie Freitag-Dooley, RDH

momgienists Oct 17, 2017



Christie and Jasmin had the privilege to interview the AMAZING Jamie Freitag-Dooley, RDH. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and was inspired by all of the pearls that Jamie shared during the interview. 

Jamie is a compassionate RDH who has created a phenomenal career in public health and has made it her mission to help other RDHs fulfill their big dreams in their professional and personal lives. Jamie is a giver and in this episode, she shares her personal journey in her career and the biggest accomplishments in her life which is raising her two daughters. Hear more of her unique story and be prepared to be inspired to see the good in you. 

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Her career in Dental Hygiene
  • 15 years chairside as an RDH before making a career change
  • BS at 35 as a single mother
  • Mother of two
  • Living with no regrets
  • Going to school while raising children as a single mother
  • Raising a daughter who is living with special needs
  • Getting your mindset ready to support your children with special health considerations
  • Dealing with infertility
  • Instilling grace and confidence to your children to conquer their goals
  • Her inspirational career in public health and program development
  • Getting involved
  • Dental impact LLC and making an impact
  • Making and reaching your big dreams

Find Dental Impact LLC Website: Click Here

Contact Jamie here: [email protected] 

Featured book:
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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