Episode 43: Be Open to the Possibilities with Michelle Barrios, RDH

momgienists Sep 05, 2017

The MOMgienists podcast is on location at the RDH Under One Roof Conference. Jasmin had the opportunity to interview Michelle Barrios, RDH.  She enjoyed getting to know this MOMgienist and hearing the journey she is embarking on in her professional career. 

Michelle is a positive and passionate dental hygienist that explores her goals and interests in the future. Hear more of her story into dental hygiene and how she maintains her passion in dental hygiene.  


Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Thoughts on Chicago and RDH UOR
  • Providing Local Anesthesia
  • How she came into dental hygiene
  • Mother of two girls
  • Young Dental Clinical Rep and her future goals
  • Trying new things while being a mom
  • Going back to school while raising a family
  • Leadership in dental hygiene
  • Passion in dental hygiene

Contact Michelle here: [email protected]

Featured book:
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

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