Episode 38: Trudy Koepsell, RDH: MOMgienist Who Lives A Mission Full Life

momgienists Aug 09, 2017

This week Jasmin is on location at the ADHA conference. She had the privilege to interview the Dental Clinic Manager at the Mission Outpost Dental Clinic in Minnesota. Meet Trudy Koepsell, RDH!

Trudy is a caring and passionate dental hygienist that has lived a career focused on giving back. She shares her journey into dental hygiene and how volunteering has led to her current role. She also shares her personal journey as a 10-year breast cancer survivor.

Thank you for being on the show! You are a true gem in dental hygiene. Don't forget to like her organization on Facebook!

Topics we discuss:

  • How she became a RDH
  • Being an empty nester
  • 36 years of marriage!
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Quitting Clinical
  • Volunteering with Mobile Dental Van
  • Being the Dental Clinic Manager at a non-profit organization
  • Her typical day/week
  • Working Class poor
  • How to prepare for an opportunity in management
  • Networking
  • The ADHA conference
  • The importance of ADHA membership
  • Being a MOMgienist and finishing your degree
  • Advanced Dental Hygiene Education
  • Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and working in clinical dental hygiene

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