Episode 31: Tapkin®: Alex Uruburo, Creating a Patented Dental Product and Handling the Journey of Fatherhood

momgienists Jun 26, 2017

Meet Alex Uruburo the inventor of Tapkin®, amazing dental assistant, and dedicated Dad. Listen in as we get to know him and his incredible product!

The Tapkin® is MOMgienists® approved!


Topics we discuss:

  • Background: Naval experience and becoming a Dental Assistant
  • Being a Dad and balancing work and school
  • Pivoting into entrepreneurship
  • Creating a dental-related product
  • Partnerships in Dental Businesses
  • Maintaining a Business
  • All about Tapkin: Jasmin shares her experience using Tapkin Bibs

Contact Alex here: [email protected] 

Find Tapkin® here.

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Featured book:
"Start With Why" by Simon Sineck

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