Episode 29: Mary Jensen, RDH: MOMgienist Who Use Her Heart to Make A Difference With Her Hands

momgienists Jun 13, 2017

Meet Mary Jensen, RDH, the 2017 Phillips Sonicare Heart to Hands Award Recipient! Andrew Johnston of A Tale of Two Hygienist joins in this interview. Andrew and Jasmin do a brief recap of Smiles at Sea and share the inspiring professional journey of Mary.  She shares insight on creating opportunities for yourself and what it's like professionally when the children are raised. Mary hasn't slowed down in her passion for providing care to the underserved. 


Get to know this incredible MOMgienist®!

Topics we discuss:

  • Smile at Sea experience
  • Background as an RDH
  • Advancing your Dental Hygiene degree
  • Working overseas
  • International volunteering: Alliance for Smiles
  • Hylife Oral Health Alliance Specialist: "Business within a Business"
  • Preparing yourself for mission trips
  • What is Hylife?

Contact Mary here: [email protected] 

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Featured book:
"Start With Why" by Simon Sineck

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