Episode 27: Lisa Bahr, RDH: MOMgienists® Can Display Incredible Resilience When Overcoming Challenges

momgienists Jun 03, 2017

Where to begin with this episode?

There are so many key takeaways and powerful messages delivered by Lisa's story. You just have to listen! :) 

Get to know this incredible MOMgienist®!

Topics we discuss:

  • Becoming an RDH
  • Being a teenage mother
  • Having a Support System
  • Overcoming challenges of shame
  • Pursuing your goals one step at a time
  • Understanding your why
  • Careers in Public Health and Academia
  • Hobbies: Scuba Diving and Dancing 

Contact Lisa here: [email protected]

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Featured book:
"Start With Why" by Simon Sineck

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