Episode 25: MOMgienists Fearlessly Transition Professionally with Melissa Rosochaki, RDH

momgienists May 01, 2017

Meet Melissa Rosochaki, RDH! Fearless RDH in our industry that has reinvented herself throughout her career. She is an educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and all around awesome MOMgienist. Hear her amazing journey and be inspired by her accomplishments! 

Melissa and Jasmin have an awesome time getting real and discussing the complexity of being a mother and a professional. 

Check out Melissa's business with co-owner Dana Zanotti, Compressions of the Heart.

Reach her here: [email protected].

What we discussed:

  • Dental Hygiene as a second career
  • Going to School with children
  • Mobile Dentistry
  • Transitioning into Academia
  • Benefits of Advancing your Degree
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Balancing and Prioritizing Family
  • Demonstrating Leadership skills and setting a fine example for female children
  • Final thoughts


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