Episode 23: Momgienists Interview with Tina Modi, RDH

momgienists Apr 17, 2017


Meet Tina Modi, RDH! She is the Past President of the New Jersey Dental Hygienists' Association, Office Manager of Complete Dental Care located in Somerset, NJ, wife of a dentist, and MOMgienist of two beautiful children! 

For some, when they hear wife of the dentist and office manager they assume the stereotypical nightmare of a dental hygienist. However, Tina is far from that! Listen in as we get real about motherhood, our profession, maintaining a marriage, and having time for ourselves!

Topics we discuss:

  • Being a dental hygienist
  • Going through dental hygiene school with children
  • Getting involved with a professional association
  • Being an office manager and the wife of the dentist
  • Having and maintaining a relationship while married and/or working with your spouse
  • Bollywood dancing
  • Letting loose as an entrepreneur and parent
  • Having a separate identity as a Mom
    Celebration of Holi and love of roti


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Complete Dental Care

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Watch Priyanka talk about Holi

Watch Tina's husband show his moves!


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