Episode 22: MOMgienists Encounter with the Professional Bully

momgienists Apr 11, 2017

Bullying is often talked about in mainstream news when it affects children or teenagers. It if often ignored when it plagues adults in the workplace or any professional organization. Many adults have endured some form of bullying at work or in professional organizations.

What is a professional bully? How can you identify the signs of bullying? What steps have some of your peers taken when encountering a professional bully?

This topic will be a series of episodes. This episode Jasmin, Carrie, and Michelle get real and personal. MOMgienists is very thankful to have had Carrie Ibbetson Host of Healthy Mouth and Healthy Life Podcast and Michelle Strange (honorary MOMgienist) Host of A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast a part of the show. They are brilliant and successful women that show that we can support one another as we achieve excellence in our industry.

Disclaimer: MOMgienists supports all roles in dentistry including Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians, Dentists, and of course our fellow Dental Hygienists (doesn't matter what program you graduate from!). It's important to understand that as a culture we thrive on shame, fear, and lack of vulnerability (google Brene Brown). Until we talk about the tough stuff and make all accountable for shameful behavior we will never thrive in our culture. Start the bullying conversation NOW!!

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