Episode 72: BTP Straight Talk Series: Creating Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Do you know that sickening feeling of your stomach churning because you agreed to something you know darn well you don't want to do?

How about the feeling of being violated over and over again from a friend that doesn't seem to have an inkling of how they are making you feel?

BTP family, these feelings are common when you don't have healthy boundaries in all of your relationships: family, friends, professional, romantic, and more! Listen in, take an honest assessment of yourself, your triggers, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself. #beyondtheprophy   


The opinions expressed in this episode are not the opinions of our corporate partners who sponsor our live in person events or podcast. The opinions shared in this episode are solely the personal perspective of Jasmin Haley. 


This episode will cover:

  • Identify your boundaries
  • Establishing healthy boundaries 

Featured book:

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowiscz

Episode Sponsor:

Beyond the Prophy LLC, www.beyondtheprophy.com 

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