Episode 82: Be Your Own Leader in Clinical Care with Debbie Seidel Bittke, RDH

Debbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH is the owner and CEO of Dental Practice Solutions and founder of Dental Practice University. She sits down with Jasmin at the Hinman meeting to discuss leadership and how that applies to providing excellent patient care. 

Topics we cover:

  • Being an introvert
  • Patients owing their disease
  • Verbiage when talking with our patients
  • Meeting people where they are
  • Her why & journey as an consultant and educator
  • Be your own leader and know your why
  • The difference between bodily abnormalities vs. oral abnormalities

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or event sponsors.

Featured book:

E-Myth Revisted


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Beyond the Prophy LLC, www.beyondtheprophy.com 

Young Dental Innovations, Inc. http://www.youngdental.com/

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