Episode 81: Going Undercover in Dentistry with Trish Lewis Clark, CDA

Trish Lewis Clark, CDA owns and manages Phoenix Solutions of the Low country and is the creator of the Dental Detective®. She truly understands the role of staff development and patient attrition. Listen in to the interview that took place at the Hinman 2019 meeting.

Topics we cover:

  • Her why
  • Her journey
  • Becoming the Dental Detective®
  • Going undercover in dentistry
  • Barriers to patient attrition
  • Knowing your staff
  • Stop & Smell the Roses
  • Career Burnout
  • Caring for patients as human beings
  • Bring joy wherever you go

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or event sponsors.

Featured book:

E-Myth Revisted


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