Beyond the Prophy® Team

​Meet The Rockstar Women Behind the Brand!


CEO and Founder
Host of BTP Podcast

​Jasmin's love affair with dentistry began at the tender age of 13. She has evolved in her passion for educating and empowering other professionals through the creation of Beyond the Prophy and MOMgienists. In her downtime she enjoys karaoke, dancing, and the beach.


Event Coordinator

[email protected]

​​Jamie is known for her creativity, exquisite attention to detail and innovative designs. Her combination of design knowledge and professionalism provides her with a unique ability to conceptualize an event to bring out the special personal touches that are needed to turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience and memory.


Executive Assistant

[email protected]

Adah has nearly 10 years of experience in Administration and Project Management. She is a first time mom and motherhood enhances her multi-tasking and time management skills. She learns things she didn't know she can.

​MOMgienists® Team

​Meet The Rockstar Women Behind the Brand!



Christie is a mother of three and Co-Founder of MOMgienists alongside long time friend, Jasmin Haley. A regular writer for RDH e-village, she also has a strong creative drive. Christie founded Your Smiling Hygienist as a platform to express her love of the dental hygiene profession and bring awareness of this often under estimated healthcare professional - through creativity.




Brand Ambassador

​Karen is the newest addition to the MOMgienist team. She has over 10 years experience as a dental hygienist. She is a proud MOMgienist to three children. Originally from Nebraska, she can teach Jasmin and Christie a thing or two! Her hobbies are: music, video games, painting, photography and naps.
Dislikes: cooking, cleaning and laundry. :)


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