Lipstick, Loupes, & Cupcakes™ Presented by Beyond the Prophy®

This is a networking mini-workshop for dental professionals who value personal development, connection, and education. Keep it sassy & classy and wear your favorite lipstick! Enjoy associating with like-minded professionals & influencers with an added bonus of receiving a powerful message to help motivate you in your career. 

Our 2019 Theme is:

Your Professional Freedom Roadmap: Five Practical Steps To Elevate Your Career 



The founder of Beyond the Prophy is taking her years of experience leveraging her skills as a dental hygienist to help empower you to do the same. The 2018 Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction recipient has maintained her passion of working with persons living with HIV/AIDS and has branched out to become a national speaker, writer, podcaster, and educator. She serves from the heart and dedicates her time to empower the next generation of dental hygienists.

"Your lecture had me tearing up and laughing. You definitely bring the audience on a journey through education. I feel invigorated watching this video. I feel empowered that maybe I can do this. No matter how big or small the audience."


"I am just beginning these courses with great content! I have been ignited and now it’s time to define myself. Very enjoyable and relatable. This information is coinciding with my journey into grad school and my decision to open myself up to new possibilities. I can feel myself growing."


"This was so good, great info! When I started out several years ago speaking for free where ever I could, I had the stories and pictures that grabbed the heart of my topic, because that is what grabbed me and started me on this journey. However, being a high C on the DISC model I like facts and bullet points and I would read from them especially in the beginning when I was so nervous... I'm working on lessoning the bullet point parts of the course!"


"I forgot how to dream..I am always encouraging my children to dream big, but have been so fearful to realize the dreams I had and those I continue to push away. That changes today! Thank you for your encouragement and empowering message."


"Omg....i love your energy!!!! Thanks for some inspiration and TRUTH!!!!! I wish everyone could see this!"


"I am going to incorporate my personal experiences into my topic! Your energy and passion leaps off the screen! Thanks Jasmin!"


"Such great reminders! I AM my only obstacle...working on that though."


"Loved this! Thank you!"


"Great class, Thank you for being wind under my wings."


"I appreciate the discussion about all nine points when considering advancements in my career as a dental hygienist. I am certainly one of those professionals that wants or demands more from my career. I am encouraged to take the steps to create change "Beyond the Prophy" for myself and hopefully others. I plan to take one of those personality or skills assessments that you mentioned in the webinar. Thanks for starting the discussion about leveraging my RDH skills. You have inspired me to take some steps in changing my mindset about dental hygiene."


"Very informative. I have found over the course of my career I have been able to build momentum in my career through volunteering. I have been very blessed to now have a position I love and that I look forward to going to work everyday. Your presentation has given me the encouragement and motivation to keep pushing forward."


"This is wonderful! I feel empowered already! I thank you for doing this. You are going to help facilitate change!"


"Loved, loved the course!! Mrs Haley, you’re amazing, you make me want to be a better me. Thank you!"


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